Our IP Practice

  • Our Intellectual Property Practice

Since the firm's creation in 2001, it has been engaged in a broad spectrum of technologies and businesses including chemicals, biotechnology industry, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, machines, electronics, telecommunications, computer hardware and software. This broad based exposure and experience has allowed ASIANA IP to provide its clients with exceptional service on intellectual property matters.

Depending upon its client's needs, ASIANA IP has been providing a reliable representation in the areas of application, registration, opposition, trial, litigation, search, technology evaluation, expert opinion and infringement study in connection with patent, utility model, design, service/trademark and copyright.

ASIANA IP is professionally capable of representing all levels of clients from large corporations, small venture companies, as well as public research institutes. The firm offers a full range of legal services such as patentability study, technical information search, specification, application, patent management, licensing and consulting. By performing these professional services, which fulfill each client's particular need, virtually all types of inventions and technological innovations, it allows our clients to reach their business objectives and enforce their rights with a wide range in the competitive market.

ASIANA IP has also substantial experience in representing client at litigation involving patent, trademark, copyright and related matters. When litigation is not avoidable, the firm serves its clients by offering advice, creative solutions, and aggressive negotiation to enforce its client's intellectual property rights.

  • Our Expertise

ASIANA IP recognizes that in today's rapid changing world, technology oriented intellectual property rights are significant and essential elements in a client's business success. Many large companies including Fortune 500 corporations are concentrating heavily on enforcement of intellectual property rights. Because the extension of a client's portfolio in intellectual property rights makes the client's position uniquely stronger and more successful in industry and business, many technically oriented companies are investing more time and money to develop competitive strategies in order to use their intellectual assets to their best advantage.

By studying the recent trends in technology which are relevant to our clients, as well as evaluation of our client's competitiveness in the market, ASIANA IP is able to supply a very valuable fusion of information to our clients at a critical time when our client is about to make an important decision which could result in capturing a controlling position in the market.

ASIANA IP's attorneys and technical specialists possess not only excellent academic background, but also possess in-depth knowledge and experiences in up-to-date technology which permits them to provide valuable advice and legal services specifically focused to a client's technology-oriented patent application and/or acquisition. The firm has sophisticated expertise and experience in the following areas with respect to technical issues, as well as legal matters:

  • Organic, inorganic and physical chemistry science, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology (DNA, protein, antigen/antibody, bio-informatics), cosmetics, agricultural and food science Semiconductor (super conductor), material science
  • Laser, optical and medical physics, medical devices
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics, information technology, computer science, telecommunication
  • Patent, trademark and copyright law
  • Above-mentioned application, registration, opposition, trial, prosecution, litigation, search, technology evaluation, expert opinion and infringe study