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ASIANA IP & LAW OFFICE, based in Korea, has been providing a full-service for
intellectual property with clients in Korea as well as worldwide since 2001.
ASIANA IP & LAW OFFICE, over the past few years, has built up a sufficient capability
to meet each client's particular needs in the areas of
technology and its related legal aspects.

As a fundamental element, we are supplying our well-established intellectual property
practice to clients in order to couple with their specific interest. ASIANA IP & LAW OFFICE
consistently provides its clients with creative services by finding solutions
for its clients in related technology and law.

ASIANA IP & LAW OFFICE fully understands that the patent system has
always been considered as one of the most important tools to protect the
great achievements derived from long-term research and development
of new technology.

With this backdrop, selection of an appropriate patent law firm by the client
becomes a very critical aspect in achieving the client's business goals.
ASIANA IP & LAW OFFICE has a strong commitment and high degree of
sincerity in its collaboration with its clients.
ASIANA IP & LAW OFFICE is seeking the opportunity
to work closely with its potential new clients.

Representative Patent Attorney E-Nam HWANG